CLC Fast 6to5® Scanner

This scanner is aquipped with a Line Camera Scan Unit for simultaneous 3D and color scan in one pass.
A DIN A4 Scan for both, topology and color, is done within 1 minute of scanning time.

Various scan formats from 600 X 600 mm up to 1200 X 1500 mm
Different Line Camera heads for various height resolutions
Alternatively equipped with multi-spectral line camera
Large field of view at high resolution
Vertical resolution up to 1 micron
Lateral resolution up to 5 micron
High performance double line LED lighting systems

Both, 3D Shape- and color data, are generated by a one pass scan

Please find further information by clicking the buttons below. 6to5® is a registered trademark of TCS TopoColor Systems.

ColorScanDome 6to5 Technology Scan Samples