3D Single-Beam Surface Scanner

The Topology Scan Unit is mounted on a stationary frame with extreme rigidity and stiffness and moved by a hi-performance linear motor for point-wise measuring of the topology (haptic surface or shape) of the original sample. The scan table is moved by an encoder synchronized high-precision drive. This machine design ensures extremely high accuracy and scan quality. The high resolution measuring unit scans the actual 3D-shape of the haptic surface or object.

Scan resolution in x/y-direction up to 5,000 dpi
Up to 2 μm position accuracy of scan head
Measuring quantization of 32,768 steps in vertical (z) – direction in 16 bit data format
Choice of optics for measuring ranges of 3, 6 or 10 mm
High scan speed up to 10 kHz sampling
Automatic layer scan option for structures exceeding measuring ranges of the scan optics
Maximum measuring range in multiple layers up to 30 mm
Maximum hight of scan objects 120 mm

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Multi-Beam Technology Scan Samples